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  • A distillery in the heart of the Ubaye Valley

    A distillery in the heart of the Ubaye Valley

  • Gin

    A gin of character, at once vibrant and delicate

  • GIN Triple Distillation - LACHANENCHE - Distillerie artisanale

    A family story !

  • Sun-kissed fruit

    Sun-kissed fruit

Le frere Le deuxieme frere

A family story…

Above all, Lachanenche is a story of family and values. It all began when our parents Nicole and Daniel Million Rousseau, fruit growers passionate about the local aromas and flavours of the Ubaye Valley, created the distillery after an especially abundant harvest in 1994.

Our pastis, liqueurs, genepis, eaux de vie and fruits in alcohol are made locally, certified organic, 100% natural and additive-free, and are produced without using extracts or concentrates.

After several years of working and training together, we decided to take over our parents' business in 2019. We are proud of our heritage and continue to use environmentally friendly practices. We are currently creating a new range of spirits made, as always, from local ingredients.

Les deux freres
Photo paysage au coeur des montagnes

…all natural

We make all our aperitifs in the Ubaye Valley, located at the heart of the southern Alps and at the gateway to Mercantour National Park.

On this exceptional land biodiversity is amongst the richest in Europe. We use the plants and botanicals this natural garden provides, making the most of its unique concentrations of fragrant aromas and flavours.

Respecting traditional craftsmanship while seeking constant improvement, we use a specific distillation technique (our still is located at an altitude of 1,100 metres) that allows us to develop and unveil particularly intense flavours.

Combining the spirit of Provence with the freshness of the Alps is our miracle formula.

la gamme la gamme la gamme

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